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ILYMTYLM Board Members and Team

Stacy Schmitt

Stacy is the founder and president of "I Love You More Than You Love Me" (ILYMTYLM). For the past eight years, she has proudly served as a street minister among the homeless community. Stacy has collaborated with various organizations and churches to make a real difference in homeless communities. Previously, she was part of "HairStream Ministries," which provided free haircuts to homeless individuals. Known for her wisdom and kindness, Stacy would sit down with individuals, discuss their life struggles, and share her faith.

When COVID-19 hit and lockdown was issued, Stacy had time to reflect on her mission and passion. With God's help, she decided to start a new chapter of HairStream Ministries, which eventually became ILYMTYLM. The organization's name was inspired by a meaningful childhood game she used to play with her brother. Stacy wanted to teach people about the importance of healthy, nutritious food and how it can positively impact the body and mind. She is a firm believer in nourishing individuals and providing them with the resources they need to thrive. Stacy is grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of those around her and is dedicated to her mission with ILYMTYLM.


Tamela has dedicated her life to serving seniors and the homeless. She started working for Meals on Wheels at Sacramento City College and was promoted after a year to a site with challenging individuals called "table 14". Tamela spent most of her time there, trying to show love and compassion to the six homeless men who came in to eat five days a week. Over time, Tamela's efforts paid off, and the men at table 14 began to appreciate her presence. Tamela was promoted to recovery at home, but she never forgot about the gentlemen at table 14 and continued to periodically check in on them. Her work with seniors and the homeless has given her a unique perspective on the importance of showing kindness to those who may feel neglected or forgotten.She is greatful and excited to be apart of ILYMTYLM’s mission.


Roxanne Raine, PhD, is a gardener and mycophile with a passion for sustainable living, plant-based nutrition, and healing. As an adjunct professor at the University of Memphis, Roxanne is committed to helping people nourish themselves with the word and the fruits of the Earth while showing respect for the planet. With a deep faith in God and a belief in acting with kindness towards those less fortunate, Roxanne is excited to be a part of the I Love You More Than You Love Me ministry, which aligns perfectly with her values.

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Rich Schmitt 

Rich is a proud board member of "I Love You More Than You Love Me" (ILYMTYLM). He is our secretary and is a software developer with a background in leading the spiritual growth of a congregation in Massachusetts. Rich believes that a healthy body is the foundation for healthy souls and understands the importance of quality food in achieving overall well-being. Through ILYMTYLM, Rich is excited and passionate about sharing his love for rich and nutritious food with others. He aims to demonstrate that simple, pure, and healthy ingredients can create inspiring, nourishing, and wholesome meals. With his commitment and expertise, Rich plays a vital role in supporting ILYMTYLM's mission to help and empower individuals through food supplies and resources.

Darlena Jones

Darlena has served in the Army and has worked in the healthcare industry for approximately 30 years. She takes great pride in helping individuals obtain the care they need and approaches her interactions with empathy. Darla strives to have a positive impact on everyone she meets and wishes to serve God in all of her endeavors. She is excited to be apart of ILYMTYLM's journey.


Jacob Elliot

Jacob is our Texas farmer and he is thankful and excited to be apart of ILYMTYLM's mission.

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